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Welcome to FWRadiology

FWRadiology provides state-of-the-art imaging technology and diagnostic services. We serve physician offices, universities, occupational health facilities and hospitals. We also operate and provide radiology services for our own MRI, Mammography, PET Imaging and Laser Vein Treatment facilities. For 60 years, we have been delivering premium, highly specialized radiological services both within our region and remotely throughout the country

The FWRadiology approach is to operate as a trusted radiology partner to our customers, referring physicians and the patients that we serve. Customer service is our number one priority.


Data Security Notice

Notice of a Data Security Compromise that occurred at MIE has affected the security of some personal and protected health information relating to certain individuals associated with:

Fort Wayne Radiology Association, LLC including d/b/a Nuvena Vein Center and Dexa Diagnostics
Breast Diagnostic Center, LLC
Open View MRI, LLC
P.E.T. Imaging Services, LLC
MRI Center - Fort Wayne Radiology, Inc f/k/a Advanced Imaging Systems, Inc

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Breast Diagnostic Center's North Location is Moving!
The remodeling is almost done,
the welcome mat almost in place.
It’s time to let you know,
we will soon have a new, larger space!

In September 2015 Breast Diagnostic Center North will move to its new location, just a hop, skip and a jump away from where we are now. Our new facility will be at 3707 New Vision Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46845, which is also located on the Parkview Regional Medical Center campus.

We have outgrown our old location and needed more space to better serve our patients’ needs. The newly renovated facility provides more patient amenities, for example, front-door parking,.... [ read more ]


Information contained on this website concerning the data security compromise that occurred at MIE applies to Fort Wayne Radiology Association, LLC including d/b/a Nuvena Vein Center and Dexa Diagnostics, MRI Center – Fort Wayne Radiology, Inc. f/k/a Advanced Imaging Systems, Inc., Open View MRI, LLC, Breast Diagnostic Center, LLC, and P.E.T. Imaging Services, LLC. This notice is also found at http://www.nuvenaveincenter.com/; https://www.fw-breastdiagnosticcenter.com/; and http://www.petfusionimaging.com/